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Grants: Electronic manufacturer receives $100 Million in government grants.

Energy: NYC - 100 MW transmission line approved.

Grants: Distributor is awarded $2.5 Million to do business in the Bronx.

Taxes: Defeated a bill to increase sales taxes on entertainment & recreation businesses.

Transportation: Comprehensive bus safety bill passed and signed by Governor Cuomo.

Grants: Municipality awarded $5.9 Million in energy efficiency grants.

Procurement: Guided businesses unable to break through bureaucratic contract delays.

Financial Services: Anti-business lending bill defeated.

Grants: Solar manufacturer receives $25 Million to locate to Western NY.

Education: School District awarded tax payments of $250,000 per year in perpetuity.

Environmental: Encouraged passage of groundbreaking E-Waste law in NY.

Energy: Helped with government approvals for a 350 MW natural gas fired power plant.

Financial Services: Created a new program to increase customer base of banking institutions.

Grants: Manufacturer is awarded over $2 Million to stay in NY.

Consumer Affairs: Defeated a local ban on the sale of Energy Drinks.

Transportation: Defeated state tax on charter bus operators.

Taxes: Developed a new approach for NY to recover over $2.5 Billion in outstanding debts.

Hospitality: Successfully opposed passage of ten bills that would harm the industry.

What Makes us Different


With over a century of combined experience, Empire Government Strategies’ mission is to construct and carry out a strategy to help its clients reach their objectives. Whether it’s advancing your legislative agenda, building public and political support, or obtaining government funding for your project our team is there to guide and support you, the client.

Our Focus is on the Client
  •  We are the only government relations firm in New York State that operates a grass roots lobbying operation in every major city or town from Buffalo to Montauk Point.
  • We have a record of success in delivering Millions of dollars in economic benefits to local governments and businesses of all sizes.
  • We have a lifetime of relationships with public officials who will give us honest answers to our inquires.
  • We have the most diverse group of former government staff who know how to cut thru Red-Tape.
  • We build coalitions to battle for your needs to cut your costs and get the job done.

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