Keep the Bills in Buffalo by tying stadium deal to economic development

Keep the Bills in Buffalo by tying stadium deal to economic development

The future of the Buffalo Bills is up in the air with the death of its long time owner Ralph Wilson.  The state have given the team $130 for renovations to their current stadium, however, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall has stated without a new stadium the team may walk.  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and other political leaders are facing the real possibility of the Bills departure Buffalo. ask synonym .  There are several would be suitors, but who will buy the team and will they take it and run.

Anthony Figliola writes for The Buffalo News on the future of the NFL in Buffalo.

Anthony Figliola lays out a few options that would keep the Buffalo Bills in New York.

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New York Says No to Energy Industry

Jerry Kremer’s latest article touches on a very sensitive topic – energy.  New York has become “No York” when it comes to developing new sources of energy and building an economy that will put more people to work.

Whether it’s natural gas, nuclear, wind or even solar power – the NIMBY crowed has effectively shut down


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What we need is another Robert Moses|LI Herald

What we need is another Robert Moses|LI Herald

Each year, the month of July reminds me of someone who played a significant role in our past lives and would be even more significant if he were alive today. I refer to the late Robert Moses. (He died in July 1981.) Younger readers may not know who Moses was, but his successes are all around us, in very concrete form.

If you drive the region’s highways and cross its bridges, you can give Moses credit for the Northern and Southern State parkways; the Triborough, Verrazano and Throgs Neck bridges; the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel; the Major Deegan and Cross-Bronx expressways and the Belt Parkway. It’s not his fault that all of these arteries are currently clogged and in need of upgrading; give Moses the credit for getting them built.

Jerry Kremer opines Long Island’s lack of a master visionary in recent Long Island Herald column.

Some longtime residents of communities across the region will tell you that his public-works projects did more harm than good, wiping out thousands of homes and robbing many parts of the city of their identity. But we’ve all learned over time that you don’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.

There isn’t a person I’ve known in my lifetime who at one time or another hasn’t visited Central Park. It’s the venue for many famous concerts as well as the finish of the New York City Marathon, and is one of the world’s classic public parks. In order to build it, the city had to evict thousands of people and destroy numerous small enclaves, uprooting even more families. But today the 150-plus-year-old park is one of the world’s biggest drawing cards for residents and tourists alike. Central Park was built many years before Moses was born, but it, too, is an example of leaders willing to take on monumental challenges.

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Jerry, Perry, and Montauk Downs |East Hampton Star

Jerry, Perry, and Montauk Downs |East Hampton Star

The East Hampton Star featured a story on how former New York State Assemblyman Jerry Kremer saved the famous Montauk Downs golf course.

Montauk Downs State Park is one of the crown jewels in the state park system, said Jerry Kremer, a former state assemblyman and ex-chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee, which controls the state’s funding.

Mr. Kremer played a huge part, with former Speaker of the House Perry Duryea, a Montauk resident (and “a tough guy”) in finding the money to save what he called one of the top 10 parks in the state.

The property was slated for development with some 200 houses when Mr. Duryea asked Mr. Kremer to help him find the money to buy it. After some heavy digging, he said, he found it in the state’s designated parks and recreation fund. He called Mr. Duryea: “I think I found about $4 million in parks.”


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Kremer Named to Albany’s Power 100

Kremer Named to Albany’s Power 100

Hon. Jerry Kremer, a former chairman of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, so revels in his decades spent as an Albany insider par excellence that he entitled the memoir he released last year, Winning Albany: The Untold Stories of the Famous and Not So Famous. 

City and State name Jerry Kremer one of the most power people in Albany politics.

These days Kremer wields clout in the capitol as the President of Empire Government Strategies and chairman of the New York Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance, one of the preeminent energy and utility trade groups in the state. He’s also a partner at the law firm where Dean Skelos works, Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, and a prolific columnist and television pundit specializing in Long Island politics.

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