Meet the egs team

The doors of government swing wide open when respected members of our team seek to discuss our client’s needs. Lifetime friendships help us get a fair hearing for our client’s important assignments.

Arthur “Jerry” Kremer Chairman Education: New York University, Brooklyn Law School (LL.B., 1958) P: (516) 663-6688 F: (516) 663-6888 E:
Anthony Figliola Vice President, Head of Communications Education: Stony Brook University, (B.A., Political Science; M.A., Public Policy) P: (516) 663-5335 F: (516) 663-6641 E:
Joel Freiser New Jersey Director Education: Hofstra University, BA (1965), Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration, MPA (2009) P: (201) 920-0223 F: (201) 659-5785 E: