GOP chickens coming home to roost

I have always believed that politics and the Bible must be linked together in order for the people we elect to public office to understand that there are consequences to their words and their actions.

My favorite passage from the King James version of the Bible is “whatsoever a man soweth, that he shall also reap.”

The downward spiral of the Republican Party in this country is totally due to their statements and actions, which have succeeded not only in destroying the party nationally, but is very responsible for the public anger we see every day at elected officials.

Those of us who are close to politics felt that the election of Barack Obama seven years ago would be a sea change for the better. We silently wished that America would come together and we would get so many good things done, all with bipartisan support.

President Obama, to the disappointment of many of his supporters, hasn’t exactly been the leader we expected, but will be treated a lot better by future historians for the many things that he has done for the country.

Regrettably, from day one, the Republican leaders in Congress pledged that they would do everything possible to tear down the first African-American president ever to be elected. And day by day they kept their promise with obstruction, grandstanding and outright obnoxious conduct.

They kept their pledge by blocking any initiative offered by the President and even to this day, with mass slaughters of innocent people, the Republican Congress votes down legislation to stop terrorists from buying guns.

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